A podcast about wool and entrepreneurship


I’m really excited to share that our podcast Tråd is now live!

Tråd (which is Norwegian for thread) is a podcast in Norwegian about wool and creative entrepreneurship. Each episode is a conversation with people in our local wool and textile industry, where you get to hear their personal journeys as crafters and businesspeople.

The podcast is a collaborative project with the lovely Tone Sjåstad, who also runs the Oslo Knitting Festival.

“You know when you get an idea and your whole body vibrates with excitement”

– Nina Alsborn, production manager at Telespinn. Episode launches September 13th.

The idea of making a podcast started as a tiny whisper, both thrilling and scary. I wanted to get to know my local wool and textile industry and learn from the depths of knowledge I knew was hidden there. But that I possibly could be the person to make those conversations available, that was a huge realization.

Despite the awkward stages of being a beginner – feeling embarrassed and fearful, fumbling and fretting – this has been a really exciting journey and I am learning at every step of the way. I am grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to talk to some amazing people in the wool and fiber community and really happy to share their wisdom with you.

I hope some of you will join us on this journey!

You can listen on Apple Podcasts or on our webpage.