Thinker, maker & mender.



I’m Louisa. A philosopher by training, with a long-time love for knitting and sewing. That has lead me to pursue a more thoughtful and ethical wardrobe. And also to embrace mending as both a practical necessity and a creative challenge.

I started the Worn Values blog as an exploration into slow fashion, wondering what ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable’ really mean in the context of our own wardrobes and the fashion industry at large.

As I see it, slow fashion is about valuing the clothes on our backs. It is about questioning the origins of our clothes, honouring the resources and craftsmanship that went into making them, and celebrating the well-made, well-worn and mended.

Along the way, I hope to inspire and empower you too, in exploring your own version of slow fashion – whether that means handmade, long-worn, mended or thoughtfully acquired clothes.

Together we can move mountains.



The podcast Tråd

In collaboration with Tone Sjåstad I host Tråd, a podcast in Norwegian about wool and creative entrepreneurship.

Each episode is a conversation with people from our local wool and textile industry: from designers and producers, small start-ups and well-established companies. Through their personal journeys as crafters and entrepreneurs, you get to know the people behind the labels.

We dig into life as a creative entrepreneur, running a business and the process involved in creating wool- and textile products. Underlying it all is a deep passion for fibre, thread, colour and craft.

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Tråd podkast

Sammen med Tone Sjåstad lager jeg podkasten Tråd, en podkast om ull og entreprenørskap.

Hver episode er en samtale med personer fra ull- og tekstilbransjen: fra designere og garnprodusenter, mikrobedrifter og tradisjonsrike aktører.

Her blir du kjent med menneskene bak produktene og merkevarene. Du får høre om livet som grunder, om å drive forretning og om drivkraften for å jobbe med fiber, tråd, farger og håndverk.

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