Setting an intention

My voice is just a tiny whisper in a world already buzzing with opinions and information of every kind. Stepping out into the turmoil of noise feels a little ridiculous. But I want to do it anyway. I have something I want to say and still more questions I wish I could answer.

Here’s the thing. I wear clothes.

Most of the time I have no idea how those clothes were made, where the cotton was grown, how many people handled them and how the price I paid was divided between those people. Where do my clothes end up when I no longer use them? I don’t really know. I want to make informed decisions about the things I buy, but where is the transparency?

I knit and sew because I love the process of making.

It has taught me something of the true value of materials and time invested in producing garments. But this understanding of value does not seem fairly summed up on the price tag of clothes hanging in the big chain stores. So cheap, in view of the resources that went into making them. So distanced from the journey from fibre to fabric to finished garment. How should we think about and measure value?

I want to move towards a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe. I think of it as a slow fashion philosophy. Yet, I hardly know what ethical or sustainable or slow means in this context. Where do I even start? Can I afford it? Does it really make a difference what I do?

I know I don’t have all the answers. I’m not sure how to find them. But then I think back to a documentary I saw a couple of years ago, where the Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh said something like this:

“I, too, have the right to set voice to the world.”

I realised: so do I. And so do you. You and I also have the right to create, interpret, question and wonder. And of course, make mistakes and learn along the way.

I want to explore what slow fashion is, or can be. My intention is to do so thoughtfully. Please join me! I would love to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this!