Slow Summer Creativity: Make it yours

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Through July I’ll be sharing a gentle prompt each week loosely themed on creativity. It’s about creating space to explore without pressure of performing, play without fear of failure and simply step back for a moment to reconnect. What better time to slow down than during the Summer?

Feel free to join in if you want to. No pressure whatsoever. Leave a comment here or tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #slowsummercreativity.


Three weeks into the Slow Summer Creativity series and here is what I’m thinking: creativity is perhaps just very human.

I haven’t felt extraordinary creative writing about creativity. Rather the opposite, I’ve felt very like my ordinary self. (Ordinary boring self, I was about to add.) I wonder now if the ordinary is exceptional enough. What if creativity is less of a mysterious big thing and instead exceptionally ordinary?

I don’t believe creativity is a character trait some people were born with and others not. We are each of us creative all the time without thinking about it. We cannot help but create: we see the world around us and interpret what we see.

That also makes creativity very personal. Creativity is not a skill that can be learned once and for all. You cannot copy creativity, only attempt to copy the end result. It is your view, your take on something, your approach that makes it creative. You will inevitably be influenced by others, but however you interpret the world you see, you bring something new to the table. However you set voice to your surroundings, however you write, or talk or sing or make – it will be in your unique way. Great minds think alike, they say, but really great minds think for themselves. That’s what makes them great.

I see creativity as a process and a practice. It is something you keep coming back to, like a knitting project in progress: you pick it up and put it down, pick it up again. In whatever form creativity takes for you, I think that is the trick: to keep coming back. To keep doing it anyway – whatever it is for you – in between life, in between all the “shoulds” and the “oughts”, and to remember that creativity rooms so much more than the grand master’s art in art galleries.

This last week of the Slow Summer Creativity series I want to honour those tiny drops of ordinary, everyday creativity. Nothing grand, no big empty canvases awaiting the stroke of genius, I simply want to look and listen and be me in between all the rest that is life.

Happy creating!


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